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                                                      GREAT DOORS.

                                                      GREAT VALUE.

                                                                       Shreeji Metal Doors are crafted to defy

                                                                       conventional longevity. Not only do the
                                                                       doors provide unparalleled durability,
                                                                       protection and peace of mind, they also add
                                                                       a splash of sophistication and charm to your
                                                                       interiors and exteriors. The doors are ideal
                                                                       for your  residential properties, commercial
                                                                       spaces and highly dynamic and busy spaces

                                                                       such as hotels, shopping malls, hospitals,
                                                                       factories, manufacturing facilities, chemical
                                                                       plants etc where a door’s strength and
                                                                       integrity play an important role. With an
                                                                       array of advantages, the Shreeji metal doors
                                                                       offer the perfect bang for your every buck.

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