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             DOORS LEAF.                                                                      METAL DOOR SERIES

             Fire Doors are designed to be fully flush without any joints on the surface of the door. Steel reinforcements are

             provided for structural stability and integrity. The doors are available in both galvanised steel and stainless steel.
             Doors are factory-finished in all aspects, from receiving hardware and getting etched in primer, to taking the final
             coat of paint.


                                                                                  Honeycomb Board
              •  Fully flush and flat surface

              •  Optional insulated in-fill material
              •  Factory prepped to take any hardware

              •  Rounded edges for safety in use
              •  High aesthetics and robust structure

              •  Maintenance-free doors


             Honeycomb paper with its unique properties enhances the structur-
             al integrity of the doors with minimal additional weight to the door.
             The  final  finish  on  the  door  is  predominantly  dependent  on  the
             quality of the honeycomb and the glue which is used to get the flat
             surface. This infill material invariably has high crushing strength
             leading  to  impact  resistance.  The  quality  and  consistent  flat
             surface achieved because of the infill material is exceptional to the
             material and design of the doors.

             Steel Stiffened Doors: Used for exterior applications, these doors
             are known for their rigidity and are available in varying strength
             and quality. While the thickness of the stiffeners can vary, we offer
             stiffeners of 20 gauge galvanised steel. Spacing between stiffen-
             ers may vary from 4" to 6". They are welded to each other at the
             top and bottom and to the inside door skin. The cavities are filled
             with special core. All cavities are filled with mineral rock wool to
             counter rise in temperature.

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