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Sr No.  Material / Part    Fire Rated Door
              1     Shutter Material    G.I.0.8 mm, 1 mm, 1.25 mm
              2     Frame Material      GI 1.25 mm, 1.6 mm, 2 mm.
              3     Shutter Thickness   46 mm
              4     Frame Profile        139x57 mm, 143x57 mm, 100x57 mm
              5     Rebate              Single and Double
              4     Infill Material      Honey Comb, Mineral Wool
              7     Fixing              Anchor Bolt, Hold Fast
              8     Reinforcement       3 mm wherever it is required
              9     Packing             As per Customer Requirement
             10     Finishing           Painting/Powder Coating as per Customer Requirement
             11     Lock                Mortice Lock, Dead Lock, Panic Bar, Latch
             12     Handle              Lever Handle, D Handle, External Trim
             13     Vision Glass        6 mm 2 Hr Fire-Rated Glass (min. 200 x 300 mm) Size as per Customer Requirements
             14     Hinges              SS Ball Bearing Hinges 4"x3"x3 mm
             15     Door Closer         Hold Open Arm, Concept as per Customer Requirements
             16     Flush Bolt          Tower Bolt, Flush Bolt (For Double Doors)
             17     Seals               Smoke Seal, Intumescent Seal, Door Drop Seal as per Customer Requirements

                  DOOR ELEVATION

                  PAR ELEGANCE

           Painted Finishes
           All our steel doors are factory finished, etched and epoxy-primed to receive any paint/pow-
           der coating. We offer a wide range of matt paint/powder coating finishes. We also provide
           aesthetically superior and robust, customized colour door structures for architects who
           prefer the use of steel over timber.

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