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Our Door Frames are available in mitered joint and butted assembly. Shreeji frames are supplied in

               broken-down form for easy assembly at site. On request, we also render welded frames.


                •  Available in galvanised steel
                •  Frames available in single & double rebate

                •  All frames are prepared to receive hardware
                •  Frames can also be designed for flush fixing

                •  Primed and Powder coated

               Standard Design

             Single Rebate Frame           Double Rebate Frame

                                                 Hardware Preparation

               Hinge Jamb                  Strike Jamb            Strike Mortar Guard         Hinge  Mortar Guard

          5.0 mm thick steel hinge     3 mm thick steel lock strike       1.2 mm thick steel plaster guard or mortar
           reinforcement door and      reinforcement with tapped         guard is provided at the back of all hardware
        frame for receiving the hinge.  holes welded to the frames.                 cut-outs in the frame.
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