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Manufacturing Facility

When there is coordination between a world-class facility and highly skilled workers, effective translation of strategy into action takes place. The outcome achieved is a standalone product of innovation.

At Shreeji, we have a superior manufacturing facility and a highly engaged workforce. Our colossal infrastructure facility at Silvassa is just a few hours drive from Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. Moreover, it is spread out in a vast expanse of 3,50,000 Sq. feet. Everything is process-driven here. We’re constantly developing, testing, and improving using a variety of leading-edge equipment. Once the product passes all our quality systems and we’re sure it will endure the test of time, only then is it approved. Our robust machinery is imported from the leading firms of the world for mass production of wood-based products. All these processes combined enable us to deliver unique, customized products befitting the need of every new client.

From importing raw materials like beech wood to exporting finished products like honeycomb-patterned doors, we offer end-to-end solutions including installation facility. The entire process makes for an exceptionally easy experience for our customers.

Seasoning (Kiln Drying)

Seasoning is the complex process of removing moisture content from the wood. It minimizes structural issues, making the wood ideal to be used for diverse purposes. 

At Shreeji, we season the wood effectively to enhance the basic characteristic properties of timber such as bending strength, stiffness, and compression strength. We understand that seasoned timber is far superior in dimensional stability than unseasoned timber. All the more, it’s much less prone to warping and splitting.

For retention of shape and size of the manufactured article, timber seasoning is essential to bring down the moisture content to the level in equilibrium with the surrounding atmosphere.

The process of seasoning is conducted in a scientific manner and involves the following steps:

  1. Heating the wood & Kilns
  2. Drying
  3. Final Equalization of moisture content between the pieces
  4. Conditioning
  5. Cooling
  6. Reconditioning of wood deformed by the collapse

Kiln drying wood is dried up in an oven (kiln). In a kiln, you can control the environment including temperature, humidity, and steam level for a set period of time. It allows you to dry wood to the desired moisture content efficiently.

We offer the latest Kiln technology, which is as per IS: 1141 1973. Our specialist kin, which facilitates the reduction of seasoning time considerably. Often air seasoning and kiln seasoning are done together. However, Kilns are used to speed up the seasoning process. It is also used to control the moisture content of the wood precisely.

During the process, the wood is carefully stacked inside the brick kiln. Water is heated and the steam is allowed to enter the kiln, circulating inside and around the wood boards. Over time humidity/steam is reduced till the time wood achieves the desired moisture level.

The timber is kept inside the kiln for two to five days, depending on the type of tree and the time of year it fell (spring, autumn, or winter). Softwoods take less time in the kiln than hardwoods.


B-803, Western Edge II,
Western Express Highway,
Borivali, Mumbai – 400066.

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