Fully Equipped ~ Ready To Install Products & Services

Shreeji provides a set of fully functional & integrable products which can turn any steady project into operation. The term makes the organization – A Turnkey Business!

We offer a wide range of products in the Pre-Hungs Door & Modular Kitchen segment with a customized approach for every client as per project demands. Our set of solutions are designed to meet the end results & achieve client expectations. Trust us to meet bulk requests of doors and frames at a time.  

Our Approach is ~ Once A Client, Always A Client!

We offer installation & maintenance services too for our products. A core team of professionals manages the logistics, handling & arrives at the project & delivers the installation output with perfection, without any hassle. Depending on the wear & tear of the product service is offered upon a period of time to maintain its durability & longevity.


Shreeji often provides its employees with timely training for development, learning, and evolvement. We regularly conduct workshops at our facility to bring in the trends and facilitate change. Proper demonstration and knowledge of various processes involving R&D, product manufacturing procedure, packaging, and much more are shared with the employees.

How does this process work?

In the first phase, our representative conducts a site survey.

A hurdle report is then shared with the client.

The door opening variation report is shared.

Lastly, the client is asked to finalize the frame and shutter dimension of the product


  • The wall thickness and frame thickness should match as a prerequisite
  • The door opening should be designed from the standard size template offered by Shreeji
  • Temporary adjustable metal doors should be installed in metal door openings
  • Subframe fashioned from Bison Board should be installed in the door opening
  • Gypsum work, tiling work, and other works inside the flat can be completed
  • On completion of masonry work (Brick, Block, My Wan) clients can continue flooring and plastering
  • Pre-finished door frames & shutters are installed when other agencies are still working inside the flat


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Western Express Highway,
Borivali, Mumbai – 400066.

Shreeji Woodcraft Certificate


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