How to Choose Quality Fire Retardant Doors

How to Choose Quality Fire Retardant Doors

How to Choose Quality Fire Retardant Doors

Fire safety has become a crucial requirement and necessity for most houses in cities in India today. Hence, most people are looking for builders that provide a fire-retardant door (FRD) in the accommodation to ensure overall safety for the family. If a customer is planning to buy a new house or other property in the nation, he must have a deep understanding of what to check in these doors. 

What are fire doors?

Fire Door

As per the fire-retardant door manufacturers in India, these doors are the ones used to provide secure exit out from a structure. A fire-retardant door is mostly placed in the staircase of a building or at a position that will help the people evacuate themselves to the other portion of the building. It ensures that the fire does not penetrate beyond the doors till 2 hours. This is known as fire rating which tells the time it can stop the fire from propagating in other directions.

The most relevant parts of these doors are said to be the frame, door closer, vision panel, hinges, smoke seals, door handles and locks which are said to give better safety and security during challenging situations.

What factors should be considered as per frd door manufacturers?

When a builder is planning to have this security in the building, he should follow the tips given by frd door manufacturers to provide safety to the residents. Hence, while constructing the building, he must know about these factors related to fire doors:

  1. Location:
    The fire-retardant door manufacturers in India have always advised the use of exterior doors for the building. It means every house should have at least one fire retardant door for the emergency exit of people living inside.

  2. Fire rating:
    The frd door manufacturers opine that the builder must check the fire rating provided by these products as they do not offer protection beyond a specific time. It is said to range from 30 to 120 minutes.

  3. Material:
    A builder must check the material used for a fire-retardant door if he aims to provide maximum security to the homeowners in his building. Usually, they are available in wood, fibreglass and even hollow metal. Apart from the material, the constructor must also check the weight of the product.

  4. Cost:
    When a builder wants to offer fire resistance to his apartment, he should contact the right frd door manufacturers to ensure the best protection for the residents. He must also understand the cost based on the quality of the product before purchasing it from the manufacturer.

An experienced manufacturer is a must for fire rating doors!

These doors must be installed by experienced manufacturers to provide proper protection to the residents or workers in case of an office or any other public space. Shreeji Woodcraft Pvt Ltd. is a reputed fire-retardant door manufacturer in India which is known for designing frd doors by keeping safety as its prime motto. Our doors are heavily tested at high temperatures to know if they can withstand a crisis. To get matching fire-retardant doors with your room laminates at budget-friendly prices, contact us

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