Pre-Hung Doors – A Great Selection for Commercial and Residential Projects

Pre-Hung Doors - A Great Selection for Commercial and Residential Projects

Pre Hung Doors – A Great Selection For Commerical and Residential Projects

Doors are considered to be an essential part of commercial and even residential buildings. Whether it is the renovation of the house or office or the construction of a new apartment, doors play a crucial part in the overall look of the place. Hence, the pre-hung door manufacturers have introduced stylish doors that are used for extensive remodelling or even for brand-new construction. These doors are known to be self-contained units that can be readily installed at the place by the manufacturer as per your design choice.

How are pre-hung doors the best choice? 

The pre-hung door manufacturers in India believe it is the most convenient choice for interior decorators, people who are refurbishing their space or even considering buying a new one. The pre-hung door comes with its benefits. These doors are found to be useful in the following cases:

  1. There is no existing door frame or a provision for it at the space 
  2. The current door frame is damaged and cannot be repaired 
  3. It can be a good choice for new construction after installing the floor tiles 
  4. The end-customer wants to do extensive remodelling of the house/ office 

As the pre-hung door manufacturers themselves provide the entire structure that includes frame, screws, hinges and other material, there is a little possibility of gaps. These doors make the process smooth and faster. 

Pre-hung door installation process 

The pre-hung door manufacturers in Mumbai follow a standard and dedicated installation process for these doors. The craftsman of the home decorators is dependent on these steps to give a perfect finishing touch to the doors:

  1. These pre-hung door manufacturers in India first assemble the equipment and other materials such as wood shims, nails, hammers, filing tools, regular saw, circular saw, sandpaper, tape and a pencil. 
  2. The wooden craftsman needs to keep the pre-hung door packed until it is ready to be installed to prevent damage. 
  3. The next step is to prepare a rough door opening using the above tools for the installation of the door. This opening is checked once done, so that no nails or anything is left behind. 
  4. The next step of pre-hung door manufacturers is to trim the door jamb to fit its opening. Next, the craftsman attaches hinges and sees if the door moves onto the latch side. 
  5. The top of the door frame is then added to the structure and wood shims are added as needed. Next, the craftsman needs to plaster and trim the door as necessary to give it an aesthetic look. 

Purchase pre-hung doors from Mumbai

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