Profile Wrapped Doors – Add Timeless Appeal to Interiors

Profile Wrapped Doors

Profile Wrapped Doors – Add Timeless Appeal to Interiors

Profile wrapped doors are created from a very versatile material and are easily any designer’s dream doors. A multitude of patterns and designs are available making them a sought-after finish for interiors. These doors are made using high-performance adhesives. Initially, vinyl is applied and then vacuum pressure is applied. Fairly robust, profile wrapped doors need no finishing and are an ideal pick for a rich and exotic appearance. These are the ideal choice for modern home decors.

Luxury can be an Everyday Thing!

Nowadays, luxury is not limited to your imagination. Technology has made sure that it’s easy to get everything designed as per taste. Owning luxury and designer decor is a modern day trend and Wooden Panel Doors is now a well-known option for people seeking an aesthetically pleasing door.

The high-end finish of profile wrapped doors is grabbing hold of the market in a big way for various reasons that cannot be ignored. The construction process and materials used to make it is the important part to understand here. We see this door style ideal for many places including closet, storage, bath, and kitchen environments.

Solid wood panel doors and painted doors are often high-end and reserve their place with those who want that type of product specifically. On the other hand, laminated doors offer a realistic, fashion forward, contemporary style and are driven by a cultural shift towards sustainability and a measurable, yet minimal environmental footprint. This is why our market is evolving.

Choosing the Right Profile Wrapped Door

There are many pvc profile wrapped doors manufacturers in the market. In this section, we’ll let you know how to pick the right door for your requirement.

  • Ensure that the door maker you pick uses superior-quality adhesives and classic wooden vinyl materials from leading suppliers across the globe.
  • Their doors are durable and can withstand the harshest of climates and termites. 
  • Show no sagging signs
  • Heavy to lift and a piece of well-seasoned wood
  • Your profile wrapped doors manufacturers must offer doors that show grainy rounds or elliptical patterns

Advantages of Profile Wrapped Door

  • A wide range of patterns, colours, and finishes are available that can be tailored to fit your requirements.

Offers unmatched longevity

  • Low in maintenance and easy to clean
  • Many of its varieties are water-resistant
  • High-end gloss finish
  • The foil does not chip
  • No glue lines and joints

Shreeji Woodcraft –The Door Manufacturer Of Your Dreams

Are you about to revamp the interior of your home?

Whether it’s a commercial or a residential project, Shreeji Woodcraft Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned name in the B2B door industry. Having served top developers over the past 30 years, Shreeji is a name you can trust every time. We’re the choice of industry leaders including Lodha, Shapoorji Pallonji, TATA Housing, Evershine, and many more.

Choose the right luxurious PVC profile wrapped door from Shreeji that suits your place and enhances your decor. It makes for a terrific offering that is soon becoming a staple across the world.

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